Is The End Of Paper Titles Nigh?

That paper title that insured you knew who held all liens against your vehicle or was proof that the title was free and clear may become an antique in the near future. The program that will replace it is called electronic titling (ELT). ELT’s are said to save money and manpower, so they are becoming more popular with cash strapped governments.

At this time the ELT only deals with transactions between the DMV and a lien holder. The transactions will all take place online. That will save storage space, man hours tracking the paper titles, and, well, paper. The DMV saves money and so does the bank.

Once you free the title from a loan, you will still receive your paper title. That is one reassuring aspect. Proponents claim that it will cut down on fraud. Apparently they have never heard of hacking, so it may not be a bit more safe than a paper title. While the ELT is for DMV/lender transactions now, how long will it be before the paper title goes the way of the pony express and affordable gas?