IIHS Study Shows Support For Red Light Cameras

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The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released the results of a recent study showing what it claims is widespread support for red light cameras across America. If you call releasing results from 14 cities and only having 13 of those show a majority of  support, then yes, the support is widespread. Here are the cities polled and the percentage of support.

  • Bakersfield, Calif. 68%
  • Baltimore, Md 67%
  • Chandler, Ariz. 75%
  • Chicago, Ill. 65%
  • Garland, Texas 66%
  • Long Beach, Calif. 48%
  • Phoenix, Ariz. 74%
  • Portland, Ore. 68%
  • Raleigh, N.C. 62%
  • Sacramento, Calif. 71%
  • San Diego, Calif. 64%
  • Santa Ana, Calif. 54%
  • Toledo, Ohio 58%
  • Washington, D.C. 78%

Red light cameras are a prickly topic. Courts assume that they are flawless and it often costs more to dispute the images than the ticket, so they are rarely challenged. Nothing made by humans is flawless, so how many wrongful tickets have been issued?

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