Gen Y Flocking To Japanese Automakers

Brand loyalty is formed in youth. It is the same for cereal as it is for cars. The up and coming car buyers are Gen Y and their brand loyalty is being closely watched. So far, they are buying more Japanese cars.

The 18 to 27 year old demographic has a definite preference for Scion, Mitsubishi, and Mazda. 21% of Gen Y buyers purchased a Scion in the last two years. Mazda, in third, sold to 10.7% of those buyers. Honda made an appearance as the third most popular vehicle behind the Scion tC and the Mitsubishi Lancer.

These young, chic cars are in vogue right now. Most Gen Y’ers do not have to worry about carrying children around. Soon it will be minivans and crossovers for them. Check back in about 5-7 years to see where their preferences lie, when most of these cars have ended up on buy here pay here lots.