3 Reasons To Delay Buying A Compact Car

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Gas prices have driven Americans to the brink of bankruptcy. One way that many people have been dealing with the extra costs is to buy a smaller vehicle. As the demand increased, the prices of those more fuel economic cars went up exponentially. Here are three reasons that you should wait and not fall into the gas miser craze that is gripping the country right now.

  1. Many experts think that gas prices have stabilized and may drop by year’s end. With lower gas prices, you may still be comfortable driving your larger car with the V6.
  2. The disasters in Japan closed many automotive plants. They will be reopened and at full production by year’s end. A larger supply means that prices on compact cars will drop.
  3. With Japanese production in full swing the other automakers will be forced to lower their prices as well. Incentive programs will improve, allowing for even better deals.

Some industry analysts project that as production of compact cars increases the average sticker price for one could drop as much as 5% to $19,300. Delaying your purchase another 4 months could leave as much as $1,200 in your pocket.