Car Loans Galore Ruffles Used Car Feathers

Car Loans Galore specializes in arranging auto loans for people with poor credit. The company, in a move to help people make responsible auto buying decisions, launched a series of educational videos. That video series seems to have ruffled more than a few feathers within the used car dealer segment.

The company has received a large volume of letters requesting that they stop producing the videos. The next video is set to focus on the tricks that used car salesmen use to boost profits. ”We did not enter into this endeavor to slander or demean an entire industry segment, what we are aiming for is the proper education of the consumer. We don’t just stick to instructions and warnings on buying a used car; we cover new car buying, car loans, etc. Our intention was truly not to ruffle anyone’s feathers, but if these guys are getting riled up at us telling the public the truth; then perhaps they are afraid of being exposed. They apparently have something to hide from the consumer,” said a company spokesman.

With Car Loans Galore digging in its heels about the video series, it may be interesting to see how things shake out. Be sure to stop back here for future updates on the story.