Not Servicing Your Car Regularly Could Lower Its Resale Value

Times are tough and money is tight. People are looking for reasonable ways to lower their expenses. One way that some chose is to delay or skip service appointments for their car. While that may save money today, it will cost you more than it is worth in the future.

On the resale value front, a recent study by research group ICM showed that a car with a complete service history could sell for up to 26% more than one without. That could be as much as $3,000 out of your pocket when you trade in your car to a buy here pay here dealership or sell it to a private buyer.

From a repair aspect, skipping service appointments could cost you thousands of dollars while you own the car. Failing to change your oil on time could cost you an engine. Not rotating your tires can cost you as much as 15% more in fuel. A dirty air filter can rob an additional 15% of your car’s fuel efficiency. That doesn’t even take transmission issues, belts, or your battery into consideration.

Delaying or skipping service appointments for your car only make sense if you can not look past today. Your car is an investment that must be protected and regular service is that protection.