GM Retaining Former Pontiac Buyers

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Since the end of the Pontiac era, GM and industry experts have wondered if the company could retain former Pontiac loyalists. After all, the only place you can now get yourself a Pontiac is through a private seller, used car dealership, or via buy here pay here car financing.  Well, those worries have been unfounded so far. According to new stats released by, as many as 40% of Pontiac owners are staying within the GM brand.

The numbers from Edmunds are a little lower than an earlier R.L. Polk & Company study. Still, Edmunds says GM is keeping more former Pontiac buyers than it has since 2007. A majority of these buyers are turning to Chevrolet vehicles,. There was quite a surge in January and February of 2011, when GM tossed an incentive package at Pontiac owners to encourage them to stay under the umbrella. The incentives worked, since 28.1 percent of the Pontiac owners who traded up over that period made the jump into a Chevy.

Those buyers who abandoned GM have stayed loyal to domestic automakers, with less than 17% buying a  foreign product. This is good news for an automaker needing all the help it can get. If former Pontiac buyers had jumped ship enmasse, GM may have taken much longer to emerge from government control.