Remember: Lemon Laws Affect You as a Seller, Not Just a Buyer

Many people know that selling their used car can bring in more money than trading it in to one of the local buy here pay here car lots will. What they don’t know is how the lemon laws in their state can affect private sales.

Lemon laws have been enacted to protect buyers. They became necessary because of the widespread habit of selling a car that was potentially unsafe, immobile, or had issues affecting the value of the vehicle. The lemon laws vary by state. Some do not cover used vehicles and others closely define what constitutes a lemon. The best way to understand the laws in your state is to use the internet. All you need to do is type ”lemon laws (your state)” into the search bar and plenty of links will come up.
Even if your state does not have used car lemon laws that you must deal with, honesty is still the best policy when selling your car. Mention any problems to potential buyers. After all, the money they are spending could be all they have. Do you want to be responsible for stranding a family just to make a few extra bucks?