Buy Here Pay Here Motorcycles

Motorcyclists have to do deal with the difficulties of a financing a motorcycle with bad credit just like regular car shoppers. If anything, buying a motorcycle with poor credit can be more difficult than buying a car. After all, there a fewer motorcycle lenders and dealerships than automotive ones.  Given these difficulties, many riders go on the hunt for buy here pay here motorcycles. Unfortunately, car and motorcycle dealers typically operate out of separate establishments.  Buy Here Pay Here car dealerships sometimes offer motorcycles which they have received in trade; however, many of them simply do not have any cruisers, sport bikes, or other motorcycles in their inventory.

Finding Buy Here Pay Here Motorcycle Dealerships

You can call various motorcycle dealers in your area to see if they amenable to buy here pay here financing arrangements. You might find that although they do advertise this, they will work with you on a payment plan. Just beware of high interest rates.  Although your payments might be lower for a motorcycle vs a car, high rates can make for significant finance charges over time.

Keeping Your Bike Insured

Remember that most motorcycle lenders will require you to carry insurance on your bike before they will approve your credit. Too many people think they don’t or won’t need to insure their bike. Wrong.  In all but a select few states, it’s mandatory. If you have a high risk credit history or driving record, premiums could be very high. To find the cheapest deal possible, make sure to compare rates from a full spectrum of motorcycle insurance companies. Sometimes adding a bike to an existing auto policy is more affordable; sometimes not. The only way to get the lowest rates possible is to shop around.