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Are you shopping for a new car in Iowa?  Have you been turned down for an auto loan before? Don’t worry — more than 25% of Americans are credit-challenged. Unfortunately, many banks, credit unions, and automaker car lenders rarely approve 600 credit score car loans or less.  Luckily, many dealers have responded to this problem by offering in-house financing; that is, they grant auto loans to their customers directly. can help you get approved for financing from one of many Iowa buy here pay here car lots.  With your credit already approved for financing, you’ll enjoy advantages such as:

  • Amplified Bargaining Leverage
  • More Confidence
  • No Fear of Credit Rejection
  • Increased Focus on the Car You Want

Tips for Buying a Used Car

Most buy here pay here auto sales in Iowa are for used cars — the smartest option if your credit history is marked by bankruptcy, forced or voluntary repo, or just poor credit in general.

Why buy used?

Bad Credit Car Lots
Great Cars, Bad Credit OK

Because new cars depreciate to only 75% of their original value as soon as they leave the dealer lot or showroom floor.  That’s one of the dirty little secrets of new car auto sales:  a new car or truck for which you agreed to pay $12,500 over a 72-month period may be instantly worth just $10,000 — a serious problem if you need or want to sell or trade-in the vehicle.

Buy Here Pay Here with No Money Down

Down payments of 10-20% are always a good idea if you have the cash on hand. They will cut your car payments considerably. Fortunately, buy here pay here dealers are especially flexible when it comes to trading in your existing vehicle, even if it’s seen better days. Whereas you might not get much in trade equity at a traditional dealer, you might find your existing car can be turned into a significant down payment.

That said, many buy here pay here dealers in our network offer no credit auto financing.  Just be sure that your total vehicle costs per month don’t amount to more than 20% of your monthly budget.

Credit Repair and BHPH Car Loans

Buy Here Pay Here Financing can serve as one of the primary ways to rebuild credit.

  1. Auto or Home Loans
  2. Secured Credit Cards

If you make your car payments month after month, and your dealer reports those repayments to the credit bureaus, then your new vehicle can be a high-horsepower credit-boosting machine.

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