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Buy Here Pay Here in SD
Get Approved Today, Bad Credit OK!

Our network of Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers in South Dakota can approve you to finance a car or truck of your choice despite…

  1. Poor Credit
  2. No Credit
  3. Bankruptcy
  4. Repossession
  5. Foreclosure
  6. Other Credit Problems

Unlike many dealers who utilize offsite lenders, Buy Here Pay Here dealers approve your financing in-house.  That means they have more control over who gets approved, and with 25% of the US populace now suffering from a credit score of 620 or lower, many people are need in of second chance auto financing.

At Buy Here ‘N Pay Here, we can help you get approved for financing in as little as 2.5 minutes.  There are no fees, no hassles, and no obligations.  The South Dakota Buy Here Pay Here dealers in our network compensate us for your referral.  That’s because they want your business.  So don’t waste time filling out paper applications and risking credit rejection.  

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Benefits of Pre-Arranged Financing

  1. Improved Ability to Negotiate with Your Dealer
  2. Improved Confidence
  3. More Focus on the Car or Truck You Want, Not Credit Approval

Buy Here Pay Here Auto Sales:  What to Expect

Since BHPH dealers offer financing directly, you make your car payments to them either at the dealership, by phone, or online.  Since they regularly lend to high-risk borrowers with damaged credit, Buy Here Pay Here dealers usually reserve the right to take back the automobile if a buyer does not make his or her payments.  The details will vary from dealer to dealer; make sure you fully understand the terms of your financing agreement.

After receiving pre-approval, your dealer will most likely ask you to bring a few documents to the dealership such as proof of identity, income, and residence.  They will inform you of the specifics.

Your interest rates will probably be high — unfortunately, that’s just a given when it comes to bad credit financing.  That said, most BHPH in our network also work with traditional banks and credit unions, and they may allow you to refinance your vehicle at a lower rate once you get a solid history of repayments under your belt.

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